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8mm probe industry video borescope
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Product Details

8mm probe industry video Borescope.

Model: D8600/D8800/D810 All Way Articulating 8 mm probe Industry Video Borescope.

8mm probe industry Video Borescope Features:

Removable handles:to choose the corresponding handle according to the diameter of the pipe you detected.
High brightness LCD.
Highly Durable and Flexible Insertion Tube.
High-Intensity LED Illumination.
True Portability in a Compact Package.

High sensitiveness CCD/CMOS image sensor.

Replaceable polymer lithium battery,working time is more than 4 hours.

Tungsten braid cable,corrosion resistance,the longest inserted cable can be up to 10 meters.

8mm probe industry video borescope Specification

Operating Unit:
Display:5.7 inches LCD

Interface:Video output(NTSC/PAL),SD,USB and charging port

Power Supply:12 V Lithium battery or AC Adapter

Working Time:≥4 hours

Probe of Pipe Borescope:
Probe Diameter:8.4 mm

Camera Pixel:700,000
Articulation:360° all-way
Tube Length:1.5 m-3 m

Material of Tube:Tungsten cable
Depth of Field:15 mm-infinity/5 mm-50 mm
Viewing Angle:90°
Bending Angle:≥120°