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Flexible industry video borescope
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Product Details

Flexible industry video Borescope.

Flexible industry video borescope features camera chip in the tip technology,built in LED light source,and portable design,picture taking and video recording.This flexible Industry Video Borescope features a good image quality,hand-held,easy to operate,competitive that makes this Flexible industry Video Borescope has a wide range of applications,such as Oil,Chemical,Automobile,Aircraft,Electric,Ship and so on.

Model: VT6150/VT6300 Flexible industry video borescope

Flexible industry video borescope Features:

Replaceable lithium battery,to keep the system working for long time.

Tungsten braid cable,corrosion resistance.

Electrical Joystick-Controlled,360 ° Articulation.
High-Intensity LED Illumination.
True Portability in a Compact Package.

High sensitiveness CCD/CMOS image sensor.

A carrying belt making it easier for you to bring the system up to a high position.

Flexible industry video borescope Specification

Operating Unit:
Display:4.3 inches LCD

Interface:Video output(NTSC/PAL),SD,USB and charging port

Power Supply:5 V Lithium battery or AC Adapter

Working Time:≥4 hours

Probe Diameter:6.2 mm

Camera Pixel:700,000
Articulation:360° all-way
Tube Length:1.5 m-3 m

Material of Tube:Tungsten cable
Depth of Field:15 mm-infinity
Viewing Angle:90°
Bending Angle:≥120°

Type:Highlight LED

Brightness adjustment:0-5 levels


Zoom:5 X
Memory:32G SD card
Waterproof Level:IP65/ IP67(Optional)
System weight:900 g